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Cloud 9 Outdoors Kids Fishing Event

I had the opportunity to volunteer to take kids for boat rides at this kids fishing event hosted by my good friend and his non profit organization. He is doing wonderful things for these kids. He teaches inner city kids Fishing, Hunting, Archery and other outdoor activates. He also puts on special events like this one. He does so much for these kids and it was my pleasure to help out in anyway I could. The fishing tournament had a great turnout and I was able to give boat rids all day! Most of these kids have never been on a boat before, it was amazing to watch there faces light up when we started going fast! They defiantly enjoyed it but I think I got just as much if not a little bit more enjoyment than they did. Cant wait to do it again and take some kids fishing.

The name of the organization is Cloud Nine Outdoors.

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